Where to use Phone Verification

On websites

Check numbers captured in your online forms are accurate.

In apps

Capture accurate numbers in forms contained within your apps.

In your CRM

Check numbers taken over the phone are valid and entered correctly by staff.

The Validito Difference

Cloud Based

No need to setup your own infrastructure. Validito Verification is available through fast, scalable cloud based back-ends

Simple & Secure API

Requested using an easy-to-integrate URL structure, delivered in lightweight JSON/XML format, and secured via 256-bit HTTPS encryption

24/7 Support

With our dedicated team of engineers and developers, we provide 99.95% uptime and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance


Key Features

  • Flexible API

    Use validation method available. Create the UX you desire for your customers.

  • Location Data

    Retrieve valuable geographical identifiers, including country and location.

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