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Where to use Phone Verification

On websites

Check numbers captured in your online forms are accurate.

In apps

Capture accurate numbers in forms contained within your apps.

In your CRM

Check numbers taken over the phone are valid and entered correctly by staff.


The Validito Platform was built to give clients and business partners a means of Phone Number Validation to their end users. Increase the performance of your marketing campaigns - clean your database from invalid or outdated phone numbers and focus on real people. To ensure full compliance, our service also detects the exact line type wireless(Mobile) vs land-line. If you want to Validate lots of phone numbers from your Validito portal account in one go or if you need an online, real-time phone number validation for the registration forms on your website, we have exactly the right solution for you.

Technical Details

A Phone Number Validation can be Validate via the Validito Platform by creating an HTTP GET/POST request. When Validito receives the GET/POST request, it processes the request and returns data back to the client in a JSON stream. The client is responsible for executing the HTTP request. The HTTP GET/POST request must adhere to the guidelines illustrated below, but can be executed however best suitable to the integrating application.


In order to Validate a phone via Phone Number Validation, the system needs to authenticate the request as coming from a valid source. We use a Account UID & Account Auth Key parameters to achieve this. Please contact Validito directly to identify additional capabilities that can be supported.

Validito REST API (The Validito REST API is served over Secure HTTPS.)

Production API URL : https://app.validito.com/phoneValidate/{uid}/{auth_key}/{phone}

Staging API URL : https://app.validito.com/staging/phoneValidate/{uid}/{auth_key}/{phone}

API URL & Parameters Details Using HTTP GET/POST request

Production API URL : https://app.validito.com/phoneValidate

Staging API URL : https://app.validito.com/staging/phoneValidate

Phone Number Validation Parameters

Each request to the web service requires a number of parameters, all of which are listed below. All requests require a uid & auth_key which was generated when you registered. Eeach of which can be reported on individually and have specific security settings.

Name Type Description Example Required?
uid String Validito provided Account UID M3RWK0JWVGp2QmtGTStoWjhjNlBnUT09 Yes
auth_key String Validito provided Account Auth Key 8f72e0f66925fdc1bc157be040a5c27e Yes
phone String A 10 digit, numeric Valid USA phone number. No spaces, special characters, etc. No leading +1. Only one phone number is permitted. 1234567890 Yes

Delivery of Message

Based on the execution of the web service, Validito will return JSON response sent back to the client. The JSON contains information that was sent in the message (if successful), as well as all confirmation and error codes. See example and descriptions below.

Sample Output JSON

{"Response":{"Status":"Valid,"Phone":"2012048521,"phoneType":"Mobile,"ZIP":"7102,"City":"Newark,"State":"NJ,"Area":"Essex,"Company":"OMNIPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC."}}

Output JSON Description

Key Description Example Values
Status Status of phone Valid ( Valid, Invalid )
Phone Phone 2012048521
phoneType phone Type Mobile ( Mobile, Landline, Toll-Free )
ZIP ZIP 7102
City City Newark
State State NJ
Area Area Essex

Error Code Definitions

Error Code Cause Resolution
301 Bad Values for AccountUID and AuthToken! Please ensure that you supply valid AccountUID and AuthToken!
302 Bad Values for Phone Number (Not numeric or less then 10 digits or more then 10 digits) Please ensure that you supply a numeric 10 digits phone number and try again.
303 Invalid Phone Number Please ensure that you supply a valid US phone number and try again.
304 Unable to route Phone number Please ensure that you supply a valid US phone number and try again.
305 Phonenumber has been blocked Please ensure that you supply a valid US phone number and try again.
306 Credit limit for Phone Number Validation is over! Credit your account and try again.
307 Your account is not activated to use this services! Purchase appropriate Phone Number Validation Package from VALIDITO STORE from your account to use this Service.
601 Unknown error The cause of the error is unknown but details have been passed to our support staff who will investigate. Please send error message on Support Team for immediate response

Reporting and Metrics

Reports can be accessed through the Validito Customer Portal. Contact Validito for additional or advanced reporting capabilities.

Platform Support

Technical support inquiries can be emailed 24/7 to Support Team. Additional support is available through Validito's Technical Support Team.

PHP Example

//Define web service
$url "URL of Phone Number Validation web service specified by Validito";
//Define web header
$header = array('Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded');
//Define input parameters
$parray = array(
'uid' => 'Validito provided Account UID',
'auth_key' => 'Validito provided Account Auth Key',
'phone' => '201*******',
//URL Encode input parameters
$request http_build_query($parray);
//Send to web service using POST
$ch curl_init();
$result curl_exec($ch);
$result =  "CURL ERROR: ".curl_error($ch);
$result =  "Blank Response.";