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Will store my personal details?

We don’t gather any primary details other than email-id which is submitted at the time of registration, from user.

Will use any phone number which I validate? Does share the data you collect?

We don’t use any phone numbers which are checked at We ( do not share any information with any one or any third party companies.

Do you use cookies?

NO. At, we don’t use cookies. However, we do use THIRD PARTY TRACKING SYSTEM which may use cookies for the purpose of identification. When system usage or abuse needs to be figure out, third party tracking system may use cookies.

Can I delete any information which I submit at the time of registration?

NO. As per our privacy policy, we neither allow any modification in data nor deletion. However, we can assure that whatever information user provides to our website is completely secure and protected.

Can I subscribe to services of

Ofcourse. You can certainly subscribe to the services of You will have to register with the website using Sign Up. Once you are registered user, you will enter in the world of privileged customers. Registered users have privilege to use all services which may not be available to regular users.

How can I do payment?

At, we are bound to simplify your life. We have integration with PayPal Services so that you don’t have to take many efforts to pay for the services. At the time of registration, you will be given option to pay for the subscription. You also have option to select API lookups as well as Batch lookups subscription. You can decide which option is feasible.

Will store my IP Address?

YES. We may store user’s computer’s IP address to figure out system exploitation.

What is API Key?

Application Programming Interface is known as API. Using computer programs, a code is transferred to distinguish the calling program on another computer. Besides, API keys are used to trail as well as manage the usage of API. For an instance, to avert nasty system use or/and exploitation of the API.

How API keys are used?

API keys generally solve dual purpose. They work as an exclusive identifier as well as a hidden token for verification. API can be established on the UUID system to assure they will be exclusive to one another.

Support Plans (24×7 Email Support)

We are currently providing the Free support plan which includes email support. While there is a quick response time guarantee, a support representative will usually return a response within 1 business hour.

24×7 Technical Support : Email our support team at any time of day or night for help

* Our business hours cover Monday through Saturday, 6:00 AM US Eastern to 6:00 PM US Eastern, excluding major US holidays

How accurate is Validito Number Type & Carrier Lookup?

Phone Type : Landline vs. Cell Phone is approximately 95% accurate. Less than 5% of numbers have been ported from landlines to cell phones or visa versa.

Landline Carrier : approximately 97% accurate. Very few people transferred their home number to a different landline carrier.

Wireless Carrier : approximately 85% accurate. If an original Sprint customer switched to T-Mobile while keeping the number, the report above would still show Sprint, since portability is not considered.


  • Works with more than 100 countries
  • Your use of our Phone Validation Service indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions
  • For any questions, please contact us

Refunds and Credit Expiry

  • Validito does not issue refunds under any circumstances. All sales are final
  • Credits may have an expiry date associated with their purchase. You acknowledge and agree that expired credits are forfeit and no extension or refund will be issued for expired credits
  • This is a service, and you cannot return unused service. No refunds will be issued for any legitimately, intentionally purchased service.

Delivery of Goods

You acknowledge that purchased goods are considered delivered as soon as the purchased credits become available in your account

What File Type can i submit for Bulk Phone Number Validation (Batch Processing) ?

We require your file to be CSV. If you data is in an Excel spreadsheet, simply save it as a CSV file and you’re good!

Can the CSV file i submit contain other columns besides the phone number. For example name, street address and so on?

Yes. You can upload csv file with more then one columns, there is a facility to MAP columns( if you upload file with FirstName, LastName, Phone,Email Address then validate file contain all these uploaded columns data along with validation info.)

Does it matter if my CSV file has a header row or not?

It does not matter, but all of our results include a header row that identifies the data points in each column. Some customers want the rows in their source file to sync up perfectly with the result file rows, so if this is you, you SHOULD have a header row in your source file.

Is it OK if my CSV file has some blank rows in it?

Yes. If your file includes blank rows, they will be processed and we will continue processing to the end of your file. Blank rows are NOT charged as lookups.

How long does it take to process my CSV File?

Actual process time varies based on your file size. Smaller files (under 10K records) are typically validated within 5 to 10 minutes.

Which countries does your phone validation service cover?

Our Phone validation service covers the United States & Canada.

Does your phone validation service work for mobile numbers and landline/fixed line numbers?

Yes, Phone validation supports any type of number : mobile, landline/fixed line, VoIP etc.

Do you actually call the phone numbers during the validation process?

No. The phone numbers are not contacted in any way, nor will any phones connected to a line ring during the entire validation process.

What is a PORTED number?

A ported phone number is a phone number that has been redirected from its original phone company or line type. It allows people to keep their number known to family and friends when they need to change phone service. For example, a landline that was ported to a cell phone. Businesses who communicate to their customers really need to know the CURRENT line type, as opposed to the original line type so they don’t accidentally call a cell phone that they thought was a landline.

Do my number need to have leading “1” LIKE 1310555123?

The file you submit can be with or without leading 1’s.

Can my numbers have punctuation like(415) 555-1234?

The file you submit can be with or without punctuation.

Do my numbers have to be in a specific format (i.e., country code, special characters, and etc.)?

No. Validito Phone validation service will automatically remove plus sign [+], leading “1”, parentheses ( ), dash [-], Dots [.] or Spaces from the phone number!

Which availability do you guarantee for the Phone Validator service?

Our Phone Number Validation Online API is hosted on cloud. We guarantee an availability of 99.9%.

What is the average API response time?

API requests will be typically answered within 500ms.

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